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60 Events, Rs. 5 lacs worth prizes in GTU Central Tech Fest 2017

  • Ahmedabad: GTU Central Techfest is the annual science and technological festival of Gujarat Technological University. Through the years, GTU Central Techfest has grown to be Gujarat's Biggest Science and Technological Event. This year, L. D. College of Engineering has the privilege to be the host in association with L. M. College of Pharmacy on 30th and 31st March, 2017.. There will be more than 60 events held this year amongst which more than 40 are technical events. Hon. Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat has been invited for inauguration of the event. Prizes more than 5 lacs up for grabs.
  • Technical events will comprise all departments including Engineering, Management, and Pharmacy and the rest are Non-tech Events. This year, a brand new event is introduced in the Techfest named "Quad-Aviator", which is basically a time-bound Quadcopter Racing event. ATV championship 4.0 is the highlight of the fest which is a time-based racing event for the ATVs specifically made by engineering students from across India, Prof. (Dr) Navin Sheth, hon. Vice Chancellor of GTU said.
  • There is a lecture series called Confab’17 in which significant speakers from all over the country will conduct inspirational talks and interactive sessions. GTU’s Got Talent (a cultural event), a StartUp Summit (in association with HnyB), Techexpo (project challenges). GTU Techfest supports govt. initiatives like Startup India, Make in India, Skill India, Swachha Bharat Abhiyan and Digital India campaigns, Shri Amit Thaker, Member, Board of Governance, GTU told.
  • It is known for hosting a plethora of events that include competitions, exhibitions, professional lectures and workshops along with several other social initiatives and outreach programs. The motto of GTU Central Techfest is to provide a platform for the students to showcase their technical prowess and open doors to new and innovative technologies for their holistic development. GTU Central Techfest was first organised in 2014 at L. D. College of Engineering.  The first edition of the Techfest was a huge success. Since then, GTU Central Techfest has been organized every year by GTU for providing world class technical exposure to the students of GTU, Dr. G.P. Vadodaria, Principal, L.D. College of Engineering informed.
  1. We have already started conducting certain social events. We have celebrated Holi at old age homes and have conducted traffic awareness drive in the city.
  2. Our website for registration is live.
  3. Students from Gujarat as well as Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have registered for various events in the Techfest.
  4. India’s best quiz masters have been invited for our Quizzing events and we are witnessing huge registrations in these events.
  5. Renowned speakers from all over India for a speech in the Confab’17 lecture series.
  6. Various incubators have also been contacted and confirmed for the StartUp Summit event of the Techfest.
Pharmay Events
  • All the events of Pharmacy will be held at L.M. College of Pharmacy. These events will provide a platform for the students to showcase their technical prowess, and also provide ample exposure to the new technologies for their holistic and overall development. We have included two more additional events compared to zonal events namely Poster presentation and Picsnovation, Dr. M.T. Chhabaria, Principal of L.M. Pharmacy College said. He added that this year we have included six events:
  1. Potentia
  2. Pharma modeling
  3. Pharmarecipe
  4. Picsnovation
  5. Myself-medication
  6. Poster presentation
  • Potentia is based on the state of debate and discussion between the participating teams on selected topic of recent advances in pharmaceutical field. Pharma modeling displays innovative models and explains the principles behind their models that may be in the working condition or just for the purpose of demonstration. The event of Pharmarecipe will teach you making suitable dosage form by using least number of ingredients within shorter period of time. It will help in appropriate patient friendly formulation design and administration.
  • In picsnovation, participants are supposed to take the working photographs of the live observations in the field of pharmaceutical sciences on the basis of the theme given by the techfest team. In my self-medicine participants have to present their own self as any drug they admire to be and have to speak on that specific drug briefly.
  • Website and Registration
  • For more information visit our website : http://techfest.gtu.ac.in/
  • For registration visit : http://techfest.gtu.ac.in/register/
  • ATV Championship 4.0: The ATV Championship was started by L.D. College of Engineering in the GTU Central Techfest 2014. This year L.D. College of Engineering holds the fourth version which is ATV Championship 4.0. It is all about designing and creating an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) which is a rugged, single seat, off-road recreational vehicle intended for driving on any terrain imaginable. Students from all over India participate in this event with huge enthusiasm. ATV Championship 4.0 is basically an off-road time-based racing event in which the ATVs made by college teams will have to stand the test of the track made by the GTU Central Techfest Team. The winners will be felicitated with a price money of ₹50,000. The first and second runners up will be felicitated with a price money of ₹30,000 and ₹20,000 respectively.
  • Quad Aviators: Quad-Aviator is a brand new event which is introduced for the first time in GTU Central Techfest. Quad-Aviator is a time bound racing event which comprises of an obstacle course for quadcopters. The main objective of this whole competition is to judge the drone-building capabilities, knowledge and skills of all the participants, and also the aviation skills of their home fabricated quadcopters in the presence of hurdles and barriers.
  • CONFAB ’17: We introduce a lecture series this year named “Confab‘17”, which shall include renowned speakers from all over India to speak on a wide array of topics from Technology to Motivation. The aim is to spread creative ideas in the form of powerful and inspiring lectures. The lecture also strives to provide a platform for innovators, thinkers and motivators to share their knowledge and inculcate a distinguished process of thinking amongst the student community.
Technical Events:
  1. Robotics: Robotics section of events are specifically designed keeping the students of Electronics and Communication, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in mind. The events include:-
  • Clash of Clans
  • O.T.A.
  • Pacman
  • RoadRash
  • Warcraft
  1. Mekkato: This event section is setup for Mechanical and Automobile Engineers to test their complex problem solving abilities regarding machines and automobiles. The events include:-
  • Cat-a-Ball
  • Junkyard Wars
  • Auto Virtuoso
  • Rube’s Reaction
  1. Softmania: Softmania section is designed for the Computer and IT engineering students. It consists of the following events:
  • Codephiles
  • Quiz-wiz
  • H4cking Bad
  • Sail with Sea
  • Battle of Bots
  1. Technoelectra: Technoelectra is designed for the Electrical, EC and IC branches. It consists of the following events:
  • Call of Duty Ghosts
  • Electique Loot
  • Electro-Venture
  • Escape Plan
  • Home Smart Home
  1. C-Villa: C-Villa is an event section specifically designed for Civil and Applied Mechanics Engineers. The events include:
  • Tremor Terror
  • Land Rover
  • Civil Warrior
  • Paper Struct
  1. Envirotech: Envirotech is the event for Environment Engineers which will boost up the campaign for Green revolution and provide steps to save environment. The events include:-
  • Envi-maniacs
  • Envision
  • Colorogulation
  1. Bioplast: Bioplast is an event section specially designed for Biomedical & Plastic technology students. It comprises of two main events:
  • Medicos Mania
  • Technoplast
  1. Chemetrix: Chemetrix is an event for Chemical Engineers and will test the chemical testing and chemical application ability of Chemical Engineers. The events include:
  • Boost Car
  • Bottle Battle
  • Chemo Logic
  1. Management: Management section of events will test the advertising, finance, management and stock market analysis skills of students. The events include:
  1. PharmaChrome: The Pharmachrome section of events will be hosted at L.M. College of Pharmacy. It will test the knowledge of students about drugs and marketing of various pills and vaccines. In this era of online shopping of even drugs from e-commerce, students will get an exposure of the scenario of marketing techniques applied by some major drug selling e-commerce stores. The events include:
  • Myself Medicine
  • Poster Presentation
  • Picsnovation
  • Potentia
  • Pharma Modelling
  • Pharmarecipe
  1. Workshops: Workshops are going to be conducted this year in the GTU Central Techfest to provide students with hands-on experience in the latest technologies. The topics of workshops include:
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Persistence of Vision
  • Virtual Reality Game Development
  • Bluetooth Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Digital Marketing
  • GTU’s Got Talent: A cultural event is organized named “GTU’s Got Talent”, which is a competition held for providing a platform for students to showcase their dancing, singing and mimicry skills.
  • Quiz: The GTU Central Techfest 2017 has a special section for different quizzes conducted by various well known Quiz Masters over the nation. The list includes J. Ramanand (Youngest winner of BBC Mastermind India), Dr. Major General Chandrakant Nair (veteran of the armed forces), Vikram Joshi (winner of World Quizzing Championship) and Kushan Patel (Nationals Runner-up of Tata Crucible Quiz Competition). The quizzes events of the GTU Central Techfest receives massive participation which includes participation even from the most renowned colleges of India.
  • TechExpo: GTU Central Techfest 2017 will conduct an event called “TechExpo”. Top 35 projects created by the students of GTU will be put forward for the demonstration.
  • Startup Summit: We are organizing a Start-up summit this year in association with HnyB, that focuses solely on the students to provide them transparency of the Start-up system.  Furthermore, providing them easy transition to the Start-up system. We are arranging competitions named: Pitchbate (which includes a StartUp idea Pitching competition and winners will be incubated at HnyB for further assistance and feedback) , and HackIt (It is a hackathon which will include problem statements in topics like Machine Learning, Web Development and Designing) , and a Panel Session named: Entrepot which will enhance their managing, entrepreneurship and technical skills. The winners of HackIt will be presented with a prize money of ₹10,000 and two runners up will be felicitated with a prize money of ₹ 5,000 each.
  • Non Tech Events: Various non-tech events are also going to be organized this year for the students to “learn with some fun”. The events include:
  1. LAN Gaming: which includes
  • Fifa 14
  • Call of Duty 4.0
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted
  1. Mini Militia
  2. Street Cricket
  3. Treasurehunt
  4. Hawk Eye
  5. The Selfie Hunt
  6. Buzz Me

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