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The importance of brand is becoming immense today

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mumbai: Barkha Dattani, Managing Director & CEO of Barkha’s Brand Clinic, was inviited in the Indian Citizen Engagement Platform by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, was held on 6th Aug 2016, in New Delhi. Managing Director of Barkha’s Brand Clinic participated in the Indian Citizen Engagement Platform by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Logo designed by Barkha Dattani was awarded by Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development. We feel proud and honored to get invitation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be a part of Indian Citizen Engagement Platform. We are also happy for making and designing logo for Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi of the program “Integrated Watershed Management Program” by Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Land Resources, Said Barkha Dattani. INTERVIEW OF MS. BARKHA DAATTANI: Q: Did you have interest of making of LOGOS and BRAND PROMOTIONS LOGOS even before you went to college? Barkha Dattani: Originally, I am from a business family. My dad is into construction business. It is in our blood to do business. I had been going with my father’s office since the age of four and I used to watch him do his business. I was impressed towards the business and moreover, I had the inclination since childhood. I started holding at the age of 16 and side by side, I also did B.Com. After that, I also did my MBA in Marketing from Wigan and Leigh College of London and some amount of business was also going on simultaneously. As soon as I finished my MBA, I full-fledged entered into business. Q: Your father has a construction business. Normally, people enter into their own family business because they know from their childhood what they have to do. But in your case, it is slightly different. How you derived and which was your first assignment ? Barkha Dattani: My father had always given me the freedom to do whatever I was passionate about or interested in doing. I always felt that the construction line was manly and I disliked roaming around in the sun and my father advised me to do what I enjoyed doing and I moved forward from there. My very first assignment that I got when I started this company was from a client in London and seven people together had given me a contract for seven logos. I got a very good boost that having just started the company, I got an offer that too from London for seven logos. That really gave a boost to my confidence. They were very happy with my work and they are still my clients and keep giving me business. So I started from there and it picked up. We always try to see that year after year, we perform better and better. My main competition is with only myself to do better and better. Q: What is the scope in this field of “ DESIGNING AND MAKING OF LOGOS? Barkha Dattani: It is unbounded; there is no limit to this. I see tremendous opportunities in this field. We have about nine offices all over India. It is the only company in the world for logos to have nine offices. I know in India, we are the only company. Very soon, we are going to enter Gujarat and tap the Gujarat market, even the remotest of the villages. We are going to tap Gujarat strongly. We are going to start our offices in every city of Gujarat. This is our mission at the moment. We are getting a lot of demand from there and it is an upcoming market. Lot of companies are establishing themselves there. Many people from Gujarat come to meet me here. Our work is going on full-fledged. Internationally also, we are planning to extend our brands to Dubai. We get a lot of work from Nigeria, UK and USA. We are planning to shortly open our office in Dubai as well. We get a lot of franchise offers as well. Lot of companies are interesting in having franchisee tie-ups with our company. We are in talks with lot of such companies. There is high potential. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is just the beginning for us. Q: PR is a different concept and advertising is a different concept. According to you, what is the difference between advertising creativity and logo creativity? What is the difference and how it will be of help to your brand promotion and your advertising? Barkha Dattani : In advertisement, the basic difference between both is that advertising is basically going to sell and resell your product through again and again coming in front of the people. But in our field, if I talk from an angle of logo designer, then lot of understanding of the mindset of the consumer is required. Lot of understanding and research work is required in understanding the taste, the colours, the fonts, the symbols which has a perception value to the client that they are going to position their product to. The difference between advertising and logo would be that we do intense research in terms of the fashion, in terms of the colour, in terms of local, how you are going to sell on day to day basis, how you are going to impact the heart and soul of the consumer. That needs to be understood and according to that, you need to differentiate and then you work. I would not hesitate in saying that advertising and all these things will sell your products once but it is only your product and products that resells itself. Q: What is the trend , practices in the BRAND PROMOTIONARY LOGOS ? Barkha Dattani: It is picking up. The importance of brand is becoming immense today. In every industry, before starting the company, they come to us saying that they have to have a logo in the first place, then they have to decide their packaging. Now all these things are in their budget. That is now a compulsory need to show the presentation. Before coming into the market, before they launch their product, they are well aware of the image of their brand. That is very important to them. That is very strongly focused in every industry irrespective of whether it is the film industry, pharmaceutical industry, clothing and so on. Today, even individual personalities come to us to design their individual logos when they go to Cannes Film Festival or wherever they go because their card is going to speak a lot about themselves. They give their card to showcase that they are somebody. That is becoming a strong trend today. Q: Now the Government of India is also using the LOGOS for brand image promotions which you have prepared. Tell us something about that! Barkhha Dattani: We have done logo design for Mr. Narendra Modi for Water Integrated Watershed Management Programme. He gave lot of emphasis to logos. He thinks that half the work is done if the logo is good. He believes that. We have done their logo and they properly understand and respect the research work that went behind it. We have a huge research also going on which is very rare these days. We have around 50 people who do the research for logos before it goes to the client like understanding colours, fonts, symbols. All these detailed meticulous planning is done before it goes to the client. Mr. Modi understands and respects all these things and then he only selected the logo.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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