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China-Doctor sent jail for selling babies

A Chinese obstetrician has been given a suspended death sentence for stealing newborn babies and selling them to child traffickers. Zhang Shuxia was found guilty of abducting and selling seven babies in Fuping, Shaanxi province, the sentencing court said. She told parents their infants had serious diseases and convinced them to give up the babies, the court said. Zhang has been sentenced to death, with a two year reprieve.Suspended death sentences are normally commuted to life imprisonment in China. Zhang sold seven babies to child traffickers between November 2011 and July 2013, including a pair of twins, a judgement posted on the Weinan Intermediate People's Court's verified microblog on Tuesday said. Six of the babies were rescued, but one baby girl died.Authorities recovered the boy, who had been sold by traffickers to a farmer with three daughters in the central province of Henan for 60,000 yuan (US$9,800). Also last year, Zhang persuaded a mother to give up a pair of newborn female twins on the grounds that one had died of disease, while the other supposedly had injured arms and legs, the court found.The two girls were also recovered, but another baby Zhang sold was later found dead in a ditch, dumped by a trafficker, said the intermediate court in Weinan, in the northern province of Shaanxi, judging her to be partly responsible. Zhang received around 20,000 yuan each for several female babies, it added, while a male baby fetched a price of 47,000 yuan in 2011.

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