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Devendra Fadnavis to be 2nd youngest CM of Maharashtra

Mumbai: The Governor of Maharashtra Ch Vidyasagar Rao today appointed Shri Devendra Fadnavis as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. In his letter, the Governor has asked Shri Fadnavis to prove that his government enjoys the majority support in the Assembly within a period of 15 days of taking over as the Chief Minister. The letter says, the oath of office would be administered to Shri Fadnavis at 4.30 pm on 31stOctober 2014 at Wankhede Stadium.

BJP MLAs met the Governor C Vidyasagar Rao and staked a claim to form the government. He will be the first BJP leader to become the chief minister of Maharashtra. Fadnavis will be Maharashtra's youngest chief minister after Sharad Pawar, who was 38 when he took charge in 1978, and the second Brahmin to preside over the state after the Shiv Sena's Manohar Joshi.

New CM of Maharashtra

Who is Devendra Fadnavis?

Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis the current President of the ‘Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Maharashtra Pradesh’ is a rare brand of politician who is both, erudite and popular with the masses. He holds a Graduate Degree in Law from Nagpur University, a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management and a Diploma in Methods and Techniques of Project Management from D.S.E. Berlin. Starting his political career in the mid nineties, in a short span, has become a respected political leader of the masses.

Devendra has played multiple leadership roles for both his political party as well as an elected representative of the people of Nagpur, Maharashtra. He has served as an elected member in the Municipal Corporation of Nagpur for two consecutive terms, in 1992 and 1997. He has the distinction of being the Second youngest Mayor in India and the youngest Mayor in Nagpur, when he served as the Mayor of Nagpur. He was also the only person to be re-elected and serve as the first ‘Mayor in Council’ of the State of Maharashtra. He has been elected Member of the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra State, representing Nagpur, since, 1999.

With over 13 years of service as a representative of the people in Maharashtra State Assembly, he has been a part of various committees over the years, namely – Estimates Committee; Standing Committee on Urban development and Housing; Rules Committee; Public Undertaking Committee, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (Water Supply).

Devendra is a seasoned public representative and has been recognised in several forums for his political acumen and skill. This ability has been recognized both nationally and internationally, as he has many awards to his credit including one from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association for the ‘Best Parliamentarian Award‘. He has been elected as a secretary of the Global Parliamentarian on habitat.

Devendra is well-known for his intellectual analysis and thought leadership on several topics including those related with fiscal issues. His analysis of the annual national budget is eagerly awaited every year. His thoughts and ideas on how the economic divide between the poor and affluent can be bridged have been appreciated by experts. He has been invited to several international conferences to make presentations on topics like climate change and energy security.


What Devendra Fadnavis says, he does; and what he does, he does it well and in its entirety to completion. When it comes to serve his people, Devendra Fadnavis does not dither, whatever be the challenge, whatever be the time of the day or night or whosoever may be asking for his help. This law graduate merit holder from Nagpur University, a Post Graduate Degree holder in Business Management and a Diploma in Methods and Techniques of Project Management from DSE Berlin is a pro-people and proactive leader and does not wait to put action before demands. Devendra Fadnavis is a transparent leader with strong ethics and values that do not allow him to rest till he has put a cause or problem to rest.

People’s Representation

  • Member, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly – 3 consecutive terms, since 1999
  • Member, Nagpur Municipal Corporation – For 2 consecutive terms, during 1992 to 2001
  • Mayor, City of Nagpur – 1997 to 2001
  • S and Y capital of Seconf Youngest Youngest Mayor of Nagpur and second youngest Mayor in India
  • Mayor in Council – Re-elected, First in the State to receive such an Honour

Legislative Committees

Served as a member on
  • Estimate Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Public Undertaking Committee
  • Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran
  • Standing Committee on Urban Development and Housing
  • Joint Select Committee on Reserve Funds
  • Joint Select Committee on Self Finance Schools

Political Profile

  • President, BJP Maharashtra
  • General Secretary, BJP Maharashtra Pradesh
  • National Vice President, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha
  • State Vice President, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha
  • Nagpur City President, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha
  • Office Bearer, Nagpur (West) BJP
  • Ward Convenor, BJP

Social Contribution

  • Secretary, Global Parliamentarians Forum on Habitat for Asia region
  • Resource Person on Urban Infrastructure Financing & Political Management issues
  • Member of Executive Council, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Mumbai (NGO recognized by United Nation)
  • Vice President, Central Hindu Military Education Society, Nashik (Bhonsala Military School)
  • President, Nagpur District Basketball Association
  • Senate Member, Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University


  • ‘How To Understand & Read State Budget’
  • A book explaining budgetary concepts and understanding state budget documents

International Presence

  • Participation and presentations -International Environmental Summit at Honolulu, USA (1999)
  • U.S. National Conference Of State Legislatures at Washington and Nashville, USA (2005)
  • Presentation on ‘Disaster Mitigation And Management in India’ at International summit organized by IDRC-UNESCO –WCDR at Davos, Switzerland (2006)
  • Presented a paper on ‘Natural Disasters Mitigation-Issues On Ecological And Social Risk’ at Global Environmental Change Congress at Beijing in China organized by WMO –ESSP (2006)
  • Represented India in ASEM meeting of young political leaders from Asia & Europe at Copenhagen, Denmark (2007)
  • Presented paper on ‘Energy Security issues’ at New Generation Seminar organized by East-West Centre of U.S. federal government (2008)
  • Member of High Level Delegation of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (2008)
  • Member of delegation of INDO RUSSIA Chamber of Commerce to Moscow, Russia (2010)
  • Participated at Global Parliamentarian Forum on Habitat at Croatia, Europe (2011)
  • Participated at GPH Asia regional meet at Malaysia (2012)
  • Member of delegation invited by United Nations’ Habitat at UN headquarters at Nairobi in Kenya (2012)


  • ‘Best Parliamentarian’ Award for year 2002-2003 by the Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association.
  • ‘Best Speaker’ Award in National Inter University Debate.
  • ‘Most Challenging Youth’ regional Award by Rotary Club.
  • ‘Best Parliamentarian’ Award in the memory of Late Pramodji Mahajan by Muktchand, Pune.
  • ‘RAJYOGI NETA’ Award by Prunavad Parivar, Nasik.

Youth Leader

Devendra Fadnavis is young; at 44 years, he is BJP’s youngest State President. Devendra Fadnavis is a popular Youth Icon for his dynamic and quick turnaround political ideologies. A patient listener, Devendra Fadnavis a man of action, impatient for change. Getting things done is his penchant. His depth of knowledge on all things political, legal, financial and technological; his exceptional leadership style and his quiet dynamism is what the youth of Maharashtra identifies with. Devendra is known to have a strong nationalistic and anti-corruption leaning. He has proven his capabilities having spent over 13 years of service as a representative of the people in the Maharashtra State Assembly.


A merit-holder, law graduate, Devendra is known for his exceptional legal knowledge, acumen and his power to use it ethically to create change in society. Justice is the topmost priority on his agenda along with serving the people. He is an advocate with a strong inclination towards technology and finance which has proven to have an advantage in policy making and execution. Owing to his knowledge of statistics and data, Devendra Fadnavis addresses every situation like he do a project – with a strong legal, financial, technological and people’s perspective.

Author & Poet

Sensitivity is an important aspect of his personality which is evident in all his dealings with the people. He is a good and patient listener and understands the pains and concerns of the common man. He can easily step into their shoes and can see things from their perspective. Devendra Fadnavis is gifted with a piercing power to reach out to the common man, understand his innermost feelings and fears and try to come up with a solution to make him happy. This sensitivity is reflected in his writings – both, intellectual and poetic. His analysis of the annual national budget is eagerly awaited every year. His book ‘How to Understand & Read the State Budget’ acts as a reference book for many.

Thought-Leader, Speaker, Debater

Devendra is well known for his fine-combing intellectual analysis and thought leadership on several topics including those related to fiscal issues, disaster management and legal issues. His thoughts and ideas on how the economic divide between the poor and affluent can be bridged have been appreciated by experts. He has been credited with taking the bold decision of prioritizing the common man’s needs above bureaucratic layers or personal benefits.

When Devendra Fadnavis speaks, the world listens. Arguably, one of the best speakers in the world of politics, Devendra Fadnavis’ speeches are transparent, to-the-point and very well argued. He speaks with correct figures and numbers and his speeches are not only well rehearsed but well researched with excellent legal and statistical evidence. His speeches are a forum to convey to the people,his political colleagues and the world that here is a people’s man who not just speaks but acts and most of the times, acts before he speaks. Devendra Fadnavis as a Speaker has spoken on international platforms to packed houses.

Devendra’s Assembly Sessions are famous for his sharp debating style and content. His debates are used by Schools of Governance to educate young students in developing parliamentary acumen and debating skills.

Educational Qualification

  • Diploma in Methods and Techniques of Project Management from D.S.E. Berlin
  • Post Graduation in Business Management
  • LLB from Nagpur University
  • Recipient of the ‘Bose Prize in Hindu Law’

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