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Pharma Research in Heart & Cancer to be developed in Gujarat: CM

Heart transplantation donors felicitated in Gujarat

  • Ahmedabad: Vijaybhai Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat felicitated heart transplantation donors in a prog organized by CIMS hospital, Ahmedabad. Mayor Gautam Shah, Dr. Keyur Shah, Dr. Dhiren Shah, Dr. Milan Chag & Dr. Dhaval Naik were present on dias.
  • CM said on the occasion that pharma Research in Heart & Cancer to be developed in Gujarat. He lauded CIMS Hospital for successful performing 4 heart transplants. He said awareness should be created about organ donation. Lord Ganesha and Dadhichi Muni were the examples of organ transplantation.
  • Organ donation is the process of Retrieving or Procuring an organ from a live or deceased person known as a DONOR. The process of recovering organs is called HARVESTING. This organ is transplanted into the RECEPIENT who is in need of that organ.
  • There are two types of organ donation – Live Donation & Deceased or Cadaver Donation.
  • Live Donation is from a healthy and living person. This can only be done in the case of a liver or a kidney (because the liver can grow back to its normal size, and a donor can survive on one kidney). So if a near relative of yours needs a liver or a kidney, anyone in the immediate family can donate to them.
  • When we talk about pledging your organs or about organ donation, we are talking about Deceased organ donation or cadaver organ donation. This is organ donation from a person who has been declared brain dead by a team of authorized doctors at a hospital. A person is said to be brain dead when there is an irreversible loss of consciousness, absence of brain stem reflexes and no spontaneous respiration.
  • A brain death results from a severe irreversible injury to the brain or hemorrhage which causes all the brain activity to stop. All areas of the brain are damaged and no longer function due to which a person cannot sustain his/her own life, but vital body functions may be maintained by an artificial support system. This maintains circulation to vital organs long enough to facilitate organ donation. Patients classified as brain dead can have their organs surgically removed for organ donation. A brain dead person has absolutely no chance of recovering. Brain death is a form of death and is irreversible.  Once Brain Death has been declared, you are dead – BUT – your organs are still alive because they have been kept alive through artificial means. This means that if a person dies at home or anywhere else, and their heart stops beating, they cannot donate their vital organs. The organs of a person who has died a cardiac death (as opposed to brain death) will die within minutes of the heart stopping. Therefore – The only time you can donate your vital organs is if you are in hospital and have been declared brain dead.
  • In case of a cardiac death it is possible to donate your corneas and tissues such as bones, skin, veins, blood stem cells, blood and platelets, tendons, ligaments, heart valves, cartilage and even your body.
  • While the incidence of brain death is obviously less common that cardiac death, it is important to remember that only if everyone is aware about when and how they can donate organs, will donations actually happen in hospitals. Unfortunately, mostly due to unawareness and prejudices, there is a huge shortage of organs that are needed for transplants. It has been seen in umpteen situations that relatives are hesitant and unwilling to donate the organs of their loved ones, who have been declared brain dead. Normally the transplant coordinator will approach the relatives with information about organ donation and how even in their time of loss, they can actually help another person live. It is tough for the relatives at this point to make a decision especially if they are not familiar with the concept of organ donation.
Snaps of the event:

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