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Indian economy is now shinning

BY DEEPAK VEKARIA [CA] Mumbai: Stock market is said to be the barometer-indicator of our economy and it was in the year 2007 when BJP were talking about India shinning but that shine was vanished due to the victory of congress under Smt Sonia Gandhi. Now under the able leadership of Shri Narendra Modi India has started shinning and that is reflected in the indices of BSE and NSE stock exchanges. Share market is a jungle full of animals like bulls- bears- pigs- pigeons- chickens and also man who always try to cut each other for their survival. There is a bull run after every 7 years. Last bull was in 2007-8 and now in 2014 there is an bull run going and next bull will be in 2021…so we all know with every bull there is some corruption or scam is followed .in 1992 after bullish trend, there was scam of Harshad Mehta and in 1999 Ketan Parekh scam came and so this year we will wait for some scam which will take the market down from its high. In short this is a bull run which will last til2016-17 so don’t miss this opportunity to take part in this Bull Run. In two years’ time you won’t be surprised if nifty which is hovering around 8000 will take the place of Sensex which is around 26000. So you can understand the Bull Run that is going to take place in coming years. In the year 2014-15 economy will recover fast compared to other countries and India will stand to benefits a lot by the decisions of federal bank of USA. This year banking stocks like Axis bank, ICICI bank, SBI and federal bank will do well in coming days and stock will be higher in year to come. Other sector is infrastructure and growth stories will lead this industry to grow faster. Shares like reliance infra and IRB infra will take the lead. Government under Modi will take many measures which will boost the economy and thereby bring down the fiscal deficit and improve the industrial growth and also able to achieve gdp at more than 5.5 %. India is shining and so is capital market …..India is very lucky to get a very honest and capable prime minister to help India’s grow in the right direction. Good days for capital market to stay in coming years.

About Sanjay Trivedi

Sanjay Trivedi is honorary editor of Asia Times. He is senior Indian Journalist having vast experience of 25 years. He worked in Janmabhoomi, Vyapar, Divya Bhaskar etc. newspapers and TV9 Channel as well as www.news4education.com. He is serving as Media Officer in Gujarat Technological University, the university which controlling 440 colleges of Engineering, Management, Pharmacy & Architecture colleges in Gujarat.

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