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Innovation is the key to progress and prosperity

New Delhi: The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated a week long ‘Festival of Innovations’  at Rashtrapati Bhavan and gave away National Biennial Awards for Grassroots Innovations. The President also interacted with a new batch of Innovation Scholars In-Residence and Writers In-Residence. Speaking on the occasion the President said Innovation is the key to progress and prosperity. The process of innovation converts knowledge into social good and economic wealth. It encourages the engagement of talent with the society to improve the quality of life. India always has had a strong tradition of knowledge. Our knowledge system offer tremendous scope for research involving land-to-lab investigation and lab-to-land transfer of technology. It is important that the vast repository of indigenous knowledge is protected, documented and preserved in active collaboration with prominent practitioners of traditional knowledge. The President said building viable linkages between formal and informal sectors also call for deepening the involvement of the leaders of technological, financial and educational sectors with the creativity of common people and young students. A Festival of Innovation has been started at the Rashtrapati Bhavan this year. It will help to provide a platform to bring different stakeholders together and make these entities active partners in inclusive innovation. The innovators participating in this programme have come from various parts of our country. I hope that an empathetic value chain for disseminating good ideas can be built upon this initiative. The President said India has the potential to be at the forefront of innovation. The encouraging steps in this direction notwithstanding, our country lags behind many others. India is ranked 76th in the Global Innovation Index 2014, much below China which is at the 29th position. Even Russia, at the 49th place and Brazil at 61, performed better than us.  The President called upon all the innovators present here to continue generating ingenious solutions to overcome poverty, create employment and make the society healthier, happier and harmonious. On the occasion, a total of 41 awards were given to 40 innovators and 6 communities. The President gave away 16 National, one lifetime achievement and one posthumous award. After the award ceremony the President also inaugurated the Innovation Exhibition at Rashtrapati Bhavan. This will remain open for the public till 13th March, 2015. A-2 LIST OF AWARDS & AWARDEES Lifetime achievement award (1) A I Nadakattan, Karnataka Posthumous (1) Late C V Pathak National First Awards (2) 1. Energy-Solar multi muga reeling cum spinning machine - M Manihar Sharma, Manipur 2. Plant Variety - Sitara Sringar - improved mustard variety - Hukam Singh Lodha, Rajasthan National Second Awards (6) 1. Agricultural Engineering - Compost maker for mushroom cultivation - Jeetender Mallik, Haryana 2. Utility-Cotton wick making machine - Vijaybhai Solanki and Dipakbhai Vyas, Gujarat 3. Engineering - Brick/ block making machine - Arjunbhai M Paghdar, Gujarat 4. Plant Variety - Surjeet Basmati 1 - high yielding salt tolerant paddy variety - Surjeet Singh, Haryana 5. Plant Variety - Zion Mundi - improved black pepper variety - P G George, Kerala 6. Veterinary - Medication for respiratory distress in poultry - Shatadal Ghorai and Narugopal Ghorai, West Bengal (Community representatives) National Third Awards (8) 1. Agricultural Engineering - Sugarcane bud planter - Roshan Lal Vishwakarma, Madhya Pradesh 2. Engineering - Brick Making Machine - K Chandrashekhar, Andhra Pradesh 3. Energy- Modified Boiler Based Mawa Maker - Subhash Ola, Rajasthan 4. Plant Variety -Punnathanam Jathy - an improved nutmeg variety - Varkey Thomman, Kerala 5. Human - Herbal medication for diabetes - Bhikhiben Prahladbhai Bajaniya, Gujarat (Community representative) 6. Human - Herbal medication for diabetes - Thankor Makwana Panchabhai Virabhai, Gujarat (Community representative) 7. Veterinary - Herbal medication for mastitis - Becharbhai Samantbhai Devgania, Guiarat (Community representative) 8. Veterinary - Herbal medication for bloat - Kailash Mistry and Sukhdev Rai, Bihar (Community representatives) State Awards (4) 1. Assam - Interlocking brick making machine - Umesh Chandra Sharma 2. Jammu & Kashmir - Kashmiri gas samovar - Shazia Jaan 3. Karnataka - Bore well scanner - Girish Badragond 4. Kerala - Wireless electricity sensing device -Rishikesh CS Consolation Awards (16) 1. Nutmeg desheller -Sachidanandan VR, Kerala 2. Biba fruit shelling machine - Sachin Subhash Jagtap, Maharashtra 3. Power operated passive weeder -K Mahipalchary, Telangana 4. Tapioca cutting machine - JR Dhanraj and K Mani, Tamil Nadu 5. Multipurpose kitchen tool - Jasveer Kaur, Rajasthan 6. Community rice cooker - H Paokholien Lhungdim, Manipur 7. Modified hack saw - Kapil Dev Thakur, Bihar 8. Pappalu - Pest tolerant cardamom variety - K V Paulose, Kerala 9. Kochukudy - improved nutmeg variety - Jose Mathew, Kerala 10. Arjun - improved cardamom variety - Menuwin Thomas, Kerala 11. HZKB - 1 - traditional brinjal variety - Laxmibai Zulapi, Karnataka (Community representative) 12. Medication for anestrus - Nathabhai Waghajibhai Patel, Gujarat 13. Medication for lactogogue - Prahallad Jala, Orissa 14. Medication for bloat - Naresh lshwar Singh, Uttar Pradesh 15. Herbal treatment for high blood pressure - Badri Mahato, Bihar 16. Herbal treatment for high blood pressure - Abdul Rehman Sada, Jammu and Kashmir Student Award (3) 1. Walker with adjustable legs - Shalini Kumari, Bihar 2. Low cost braille printer - Santokh Singh and Khushwant Rai, Punjab 3. Helmet based ignition system for two-wheelers - SM Arthi, LailaBanu, Vinotha Partnership (6) 1. Thomas Turano, K&L Gates LLP, Boston 2. Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode (Calicut) 3. Jitendra Sahoo 4. Kodar Patel 5. Sikkim State Council of Science and Technology, Sikkim 6. Council of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh Media (5) 1. Limca Book of Record 2. Dinesh C Sharma 3. Kavita Kanan Chandra 4. Rajasthan Patrika (Hindi) 5. Sakshi (Telugu) Scout (2) 1. Govt. Higher Secondary School (Boys and Girls), Thiruvarur, TamilNadu 2. Police DAV School, Jallandhar, Punjab

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