[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]India Grooming Club is a club of all of us men who take pride in the way they present themselves. It’s a club of all the classy and suave men in our society. It is a platform and connect all these individuals and solve the problem we as men face where our personal grooming is often neglected. Few years back a company called dollar shave club took USA to storm simply by providing shaving razors month by month for a few dollars. Mr. Sameer Shah & Mr. Tanmay Shah decided why not give Indians the same luxury but include all their favourite daily products so purchasing such items is never a thing on your already busy day list. They want this club to grow to provide all the services the self conscious dashing men of India need. So starting from subscription and gifting plans of premium grooming products and soon expanding to salons, spas, home grooming services to even Fashion consults for men. The Founders: Sameer Shah: At 21 years of age Sameer is someone who likes to have all the knowledge he can in various fields. He is currently pursuing his final year of chartered accountancy along with actuarial sciences. He completed his graduation from HR college with the best grade and has always been a bright student scoring a 98% in his 10th and a 90% in his 12th. He is a go getter and always looks to do something more than what has to be done. Along with studying he has gained experience working and managing operations in companies such as MANEKSHA SYNTHETICS P. LTD. And RIO BEVERAGES P. LTD. Inspired by dollar shave club and aware of the constant neglect to mens grooming in India he and tanmay decided to solve this problem. What followed was continuous research on how to perfect the business model and in depth research about how to provide the best product. He is passionate about whatever he does and ambitious to do the best he can. Tanmay Shah: Being 19 years of age and also pursuing his Chartered Accountancy he is someone who has an in born knack for creative marketing. Having done several courses and with avid reading he has developed a complete marketing sense. Boosting his knowledge he has gained experience in the field by further working with companies like MYGLAMM and fashion designers like MS DESIGNS to promote their work. He is a perfectionist and once he takes up something he is bound to complete it with excellence. He is one person who relates to this subject the most, being ultra conscious about his appearances he is someone who was most affected about the lack of products in this space. Kaushik Shah: The backbone of the project, he is the father of Sameer and Tanmay and has given the means, tools and constant support necessary to start this project. Being a master administrator and a businessman for about 30 years he is the pillar every business looks for. Having completed his Chartered Accountancy and LLB kaushik chose to pursue entrepreneurship and not take the job root as most in his place would do. What followed was success in almost everything he did including in industries like textiles, tea and also in consultancy. He is a central figure even in social circles being the EX PRESIDENT of a prominent social club in mumbai. He is also a PRESIDENT ELECT for ROTARY CLUB OF MUMBAI, QUEEN’S NECKLACE, and comprising more than 150 couples. With his wide network and treasure of contacts he gives the golden edge to INDIA GROOMING CLUB. INTERVIEW OF MR. SAMEER SHAH & TANMAY SHAH, FOUNDERS OF INDIA GROOMING CLUB Q: Would you please brief the concept and idea of forming INDIA GROOMING CLUB? What is a GLOBAL TREND for such type of concepts of marketing? What are the opportunities in India? India Grooming Club started with a simple idea, to shift the focus to men's grooming. In our transitioning world today we men genuinely are becoming more conscious about looking good. There is nothing better than a well groomed gentleman and we want to help every person Channel their own best version. We have developed a range of grooming products specially for men and aim to deliver them monthly to the comfort of your own home at a subscription fee. The subscription model is gaining speed around the world and what better subscription to have than to receive all your daily grooming luxuries without having to order them again and again. Q: What is the current scenario of this Module of Marketing? How the system of  Marketing will be conducive for the consumers? Who are the main target consumers of INDIA GROOMING CLUB? The main target customers of IGC are the budding and current generation. Those men who genuinely want to be in control of the way they look and feel. It may not be a particular age group its you who has to decide whether you care enough to look your best. Our main strategy of marketting is digital marketing cause that has been the most vital field in recent times. With most of the present generation of men from 18-40 on the internet it's a great medium to reach out to the people and make them aware that we are here to solve the grooming problem. Q: Which are the Services invoke in INDIA GROOMING CLUB? At present IGC is concentrating mainly on Men's Groomung products, substitution plans as well as a range of attractive gifting options. We plan to expand into a full fledged set up where all grooming needs are taken care of including home grooming services as well as salons. Q: Do you feel that through this Module and Concept of marketing un-tapped market of rural areas and semi-urban areas can be reached? The present approach of marketing won't have a wide reach over the rural and semi rural area. We want the concept to be first approved by those who are more likely to receive it head on. Next step would be to achieve penetration in the rural and semi urban segments by encouraging them to make grooming a priority. Q: What is the exclusivity of “ INDIA GROOMING CLUB as far as services to the Customer? India grooming club offers a range of premium products which have been developed after lot of research specifically for men. We provide subscription services, attractive gifting offers as well as boxes customized according to the needs and wishes of the customer. We have a product range wider than most with novel products like hand salve and eye soother. We want to be the one stop platform for all men grooming needs. Q: Which are the challenges  you foresee for such type of modules of Business? The major challenge is generating the awareness that we are out there and that such models work. Getting people to change from a age old ritual of using the same razor or the same blade without caring much is the challenge. Despite of this we are confident that once IGC starts buzzing in the market most people would give it a shot and realize the grooming experience they have been missing till date. Q: Which are the Products are to be Market through INDIA GROOMING CLUB? How it is affordable to all? The products to be marketed by INDIA GROOMING CLUB are: FACE WASH BODY WASH FACIAL CREAM SHAMPOO SHAVING CREAM AFTER SHAVE LOTION HAIR POMADE MOUSTACH AND BEARD WAX BEARD WASH BEARD OIL HAND SALVE EYE SOOTHER 3 TYPES OF PERFUMES RAZOR SET SAFETY RAZOR SHAVING BLADES dscn1614All our products are in the middle range category. We want to create something of value to the customer so our prices are those that can be afforded by most. On top of that on becoming a member and subscribing we have lots of offers and discount schemes where the member get the products at a subscription fee. Q: Do you feel that “ Changing Life Style in Youngsters – specially Mens, Boys is the Key for such type of Modules of Business? That definitely is one of our main aim. It's one o the objectives with which IGC was started. We want to change grooming. It may sound like a heightened claim but that's what's in our mind. In soo many of even my friends' houses I've seen the same blades and razors and soaps used for god knows how min time. That's the problem people just don't care. These small things are taken for granted and that's what we want to change. Q: What is your Overall perceptions and views on INDIA GROOMING CLUB growth in coming days? What are your plans for the expanding this Business? We plan to go live soon and hope the products are liked and enjoyed by everyone they are received by. We plan to grow into all segments of grooming. We want to have home grooming services, salons, spas and we want to transform men's grooming in India.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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