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Modi thinks himself as PM of Gujarat: Chidambaram

Mumbai: Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram criticized PM of India Narendra Modi by saying that “he thinks of himself as PM of Gujarat”. “He can’t take Gujarat out of him. He can’t cease to be PM. So he has struck a balance by thinking of himself as PM of Gujarat. I think he is still torn between being CM of Gujarat and PM of India. I think he has settled to become PM of Gujarat,” Chidambaram told reporters. He said Modi was still in “pre-May 26 mode” and was campaigning for Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana as if he were the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He is no longer CM of Gujarat but PM of India. Therefore, people are entitled to ask what has been accomplished in the last 120 days in office,” Chidambaram said. He also ridiculed Modi and other BJP leaders over their claim that Gujarat was ahead of Maharashtra in terms of development. There is nothing to support the claim that Gujarat is better than Maharashtra. There is no question that Maharashtra is the leading industrial state in India. It attracts the largest amount of domestic and foreign investment. Chidambaram claimed the Modi government was continuing many of the UPA government’s schemes after renaming them. We had the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. They have renamed it as Swachh Bharat campaign. We had launched a no frills account, also called zero bank balance account scheme, which they have renamed as PM Jan dhan scheme. We launched a skill development programme and appointed S Ramadorai as the Chairman of National Skill Development Agency. The Modi government has renamed it and launched it as Skill India programme,” Chidambaram said, adding he was yet to see any new programmes from the Modi government. Posts of Chief Information Commissioner, CVC and chairmen in half-a-dozen banks were vacant. The Planning Commission has been wound up. Where are the independent economic advisors to the government? How is this good governance when key posts in key organisations were left vacant. There were serious concerns about economic growth, he said. Shri P Chidambaram's talk in an informal meet with Journalists at Yashwantrao Chavan Hall  covered below points: // Maharashtra is the leading industrial state in India // Maharashtra attracts huge amount of Foreign Investments // Mumbai being the financial capital of the state and Industrial hub of the country has lot of foreign investments // 5.7 % was the Economic growth. But I am worried about the second and third quater // But in the last 10 days or so, I have observed that two people (Modi and company), by their comments, are rubbishing Maharashtra and it is sad to see that // In the past 15 years, Maharashtra had observed progressive change and development in the Per-capita income, Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Rate, Infrastructure, higher education // Now all the parties are contesting this elections independently. People will acknowledge the work done by the Congress party in the last 15 years and bring the party into power // Most of the people are thinking that the main fight is between BJP and Congress, which is totally fair // The Chief campaigner, infact the sole campaigner of BJP is Mr.Narendra Modi. He has forgotten that he is Prime Minister of the country. He is working as if he is PM of Gujarat // He (Modi) is still in perpetual campaign mode, addressing 22 rallies in Maharashtra. Whereas Congress President and Vice- President are addressing four rallies each // Today they (BJP) have completed 140 days at the centre, but no concrete measures taken. Prime Minister has inaugurated projects everywhere, but no new policies formed // I welcome the programmes brought by the NDA Government. But the parent initiatives take by the Modi Government are just the carry forward of the existing policies // Total Sanitation Program which was initiated by the NDA Government was renamed as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan // During our leadership, policy of UPA government led to 23 crore bank accounts opening which were 'No frills a/c' (zero balance accounts). The NDA govenment made some changes and renamed it to Jan Dhan Yojana. This added 5 crore accounts to the existing figures achieved by us // There are serious issues on Governance // Floods, Cyclones are the serious issues in the country. But no work on policies regarding Disaster Response Forces // Members from the important posts were asked to give their resignation and those posts haven't been filled yet which needed to be filled at priority // There is no new information thinking at the central government. The post of Chief Information Commissioner is vacant // Also there is no full fledged Defence Minister for the country. Post of independent advisors for the government are vacant. Likewise there are many other posts which were asked to resign and are vacant till date // The pointers in the budget not translated into policies // I totally agree that new government must get time, I want to ask that when will they come up with the new policies? The BJP party is still in the campaigning mode // There is a need of change in the organisational structure of the ministers at state level // Replying to a question Chidambaram Sir said that he was not entirely surprised of NCP ditching Congress. But it is now proving to be a wrong move for NCP // There have been 63 incidents of peace violations and soldiers were killed. But our Prime Minister says that no one should talk about it in public // Modi totally criticised the UPA Govt and he says that the UPA is weak, but then why didn't they go against and raise this issue in their campaign of Lok Sabha // Mr. Modi said that he will bring back the 'Black Money' in 100 days but he did not mention what marks the first day // They (Modi govt) do not have Anti-Naxal policy // They must speak out on a  policy against terrorist groups

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