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Scientific Research in country is to made engine for ‘MAKE IN INDIA’

Hyderabad: The Minister for Science & Technology (S&T) Dr. Harsh Vardhan, has said that scientific research in the country is to made the engine for ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ in years to come. Addressing a press conference along with Shri Y.S. Chowdary, the Minister of State for S&T in Hyderabad, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said he was optimistic that all scientists of Indian origin would respond positively to the Narendra Modi government’s invitation to participate and bring an S&T-based industrial renaissance in our country. He said the focus of the present government will be to take scientific research to the field for implementation, for industrial progress. Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that India today is definitely a more happening place in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) than the West. The Prime Minister’s confidence is definitely having an effect, he added. The Modi government has already announced a package of incentives to Indian-origin STEM researchers so that they could get competitive salaries in India. Many private sector companies have already succeeded in wooing back to India talented scientists. This is reflecting well on India’s image as a country with innovation and STEM-based entrepreneurship. Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that “Ministry of Science & Technology (BIRAC and CSIR) would work with State Industry Development Corporations for enabling deployment of technology benefitting SMEs”. The spurt in the number of India’s intellectually talented students turning to the pure sciences has been noticed worldwide. Recently, the widely respected US think tank, Brookings Institution, has revealed in a report that 8 of the top10 cities worldwide in terms of sending STEM scholars to the United States on F-1 visas are in India. These cities are: Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune. The Minister said that falling world oil prices will not distract India’s commitment to seeking breakthroughs in making renewable energy harnessing and its affordable adoption in everyday lif Solar power The Minister said that he would drive the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to push the frontiers of research into renewable energy research, particularly solar power. “World oil prices have fallen from $ 115 a barrel in June to less than $ 50 this week. But Prime Minister Modi, himself a great backer of solar energy research, development and adoption in everyday life, has instructed me not to be distracted from the pursuit of the ultimate goal of having a fossil fuel free economy. This is definitely good news for the Environment as the present dependence on non-renewable forms of energy is killing us all and would be disastrous for the future generations”the Minister said. The total renewable energy potential from various sources is conservatively estimated at 2.5 lakh MW. According to United Nations, India has achieved less than 12.5 percent of the potential. As for solar power, he said, the potential is “unlimited”. Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, “In solar power the present trend is to think in terms of Gigawatts and not Megawatts because that would lead to prices dropping. In Germany, the government is encouraging house owners to rent out their rooftops so that more and more solar power can be harnessed for feeding into the grid. This policy needs to be incorporated into our national policy”. Milestones: 2014-15 Extending his warm New Year’s greetings to the media representatives, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that the Ministries of S&T and Earth Sciences, which he heads, have had a most fruitful 2014. He congratulated all scientists, researchers, technicians and administrative staff of government laboratories and foundations who have made “Mangalyaan”and other milestones possible. “The Indian private sector should also be congratulated because it is functioning in many start up fields and competing with established players in the West. In the past 20 years many Indian companies based on biotechnology, biological sciences and other fields have attracted world recognition “the Minister said. Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that India a large youth are now expected to take the country to its glory through the scientific path.

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