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Smart Agro Box: The future of Agriculture

By Chintan Bhatt [Asst. Professor, CHARUSAT] Agriculture is an integral part of the Indian economy. Two-thirds of the Indian population lives in rural areas, many of whom depend on agriculture for living. Other foreign countries have more production per hector of crops compared to India in spite of fewer land. The reason is that the use of IT in Agriculture in India is very less compared to other countries. As Computer Engineers, we decided to help farmers to be smart farmers and make India moving towards IT based agriculture-“The first step”. There is need for a system through which the efforts of farmers can be simplified in a cheap way and crop production can be increased using mobility and security. Journey began with SMART AGRO BOX. The “Smart Agro Box” is made up of simple embedded and mobile technology. It will be helpful to cut effort and cost of farming. It will be helpful to improve crop quality and quantity. It will also be used for security in farms and measurements of different parameters. Aim of Smart Agrobox is to help the farmers to be secure, to save time and to improve their crop production in quality as well as in quantity using Embedded and Mobile technology in a cost effective way. We can just send “STATUS” message and get all the information like temperature, soil moisture, dust, rain and if there is something unwanted activity is done at farm that also we can get using the sensors used in it. Other important feature is that we can also provide power to all sensors and GSM module using solar plat in absence of electricity in the farm. Key Points  
  • Smart agro box will help farmers to measure rain level on their farm just via (RAIN SENSOR) text message on their phone (If rain is unwanted, an alert can be sent to save cultivated crops).
  • It will help to measure dust level (DUST SENSOR) on farm which will directly improve the quality and quantity of crop.
  • There is no need of human security to guard the farm from animals and humans. RFID sensors will sense heat produce from a living thing and motion and alert the farmer via call and alarm the buzzer.
  • Soil humidity sensor will mesure the soil humidity and sends it on mobile via SMS. It will automatically start the motor if the humidity of the soil goes low and switch off the motor as soon as the needed humidity is reached.
  • We can send an “STATUS” message to the farm circuit and get all information including rain, humidity, dust, motor status, security, temperature and many more.
  • As many farms in India don’t have electricity, our model provides solution in such cases. It charges through solar plates also.
  • We can auto sense the temperature and humidity in soil via text SMS.
  • We can send motor on SMS to the farm circuit and motor will become active and motor off to switch off the motor.
  • We can control our farm remotely via a simple mobile through GSM facility.
Smart agro box will help farmers in being smart farmers. ONE CAN ADD MORE FEATURES AND IMPROVE IT. Team Leader: Mr. Dharesh Khanna Team Members: Mr. Nikunj Gajjar Mr. Anil Kantariya Guides: Dr. Amit Ganatra-Head (Computer Engineering Dept.), Prof. Chintan Bhatt and Prof. Ashwin Makwana-Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Dept., CSPIT, Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT).

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