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‘We can do this’: Luke Foley rallies ALP troops

Campbelltown: Australia's premier state New South Wales is heading towards the last month of the election campaigns and parties on both sides have ramped up their campaigns to woo the voters. The NSW Labor Party leader and Opposition Leader Luke Foley mustered its troops and party supporters at an impressive gathering in Campbelltown on 1st March. The gathering included former PM Bob Hawke, former premiers Bob Carr and Christina Keneally. "For NSW Labor, the last four years has been a journey back to the people, a journey back to our origins, to find our best self," he said But now it was more hopeful, Mr Foley said - as evidenced by its campaign slogan "a new approach". "Anyone who has lived through the last 10 years of Australian politics and says an election is un-winnable is a fool," Mr Foley said. "In NSW, at this election, this thing can be done" "People ask has NSW Labor learned, has NSW Labor changed," Mr Foley said. "I say four words: look at Jodi McKay. Jodi Mckay is contesting the state elections from Strathfield. "That is the face of the Labor Party I lead - bright and brave and honest." Mr Foley outlined the key policies in education schools, hospitals and infrastructure. Electricity privatisation is proving to be a key issue in the election campaign and it was front and centre in Mr Foley's speech. Earlier, federal Labor leader Bill Shorten alluded to the impact on the NSW election campaign of the unpopularity of prime minister Tony Abbott and his government. "These days, Tony Abbott only comes to NSW to collect the mail and put out the bins," he said. Mr Shorten said Mr Baird was "missing in action" in relation to education and health funding cuts imposed on NSW at last year's federal budget, worth $2 billion over four years. "Silence is not good enough from Mike Baird," Mr Shorten said. "Standing back, folding your arms and smiling just doesn't cut it. The people of NSW deserve better. "The people of NSW deserve a premier who will stand up for this great state and ... put the state ahead of his political allies in Canberra," Mr Shorten said. "I know just the man - Luke Foley". Sub Continent friends of Labor (SCFOL) team that attended the event included - Dr Moninder Singh, Ejaz Khan, Amarinder Bajwa, Raj Dutta, Balraj Sangha, Renga Rajan, Hassan Kureshi, Pravez Khan, Bala Ji, Bhupinder Chibber. Labor would need to win 24 seats next month to claim government in its own right – the equivalent of a 15 per cent swing. The most recent polling indicates a likely swing of between 8 and 11 per cent. Dr Moninder Singh quoting Hon Luke Foley said "Bring it On" We support the ALP leadership and Luke Foley can make the much needed change in the state, he added.

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