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Why to waste Rs. 1.5 Crore per hour for running RS?

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Public has no direct control: Abolish Rajya Sabha By Dr Ramesh Gupta [Academician & Research Director] Kurukshetra, Hariyana: We copied British System of Parliament. There they had House of Lords,so we have Rajya Sabha, they have House of Commons so we have Lok Sabha. In having House of Lords, Britishers had no choice, it was their compulsion (MAJBOORI) — they were phasing out feudal system and slowly entering into Democratic System but in having Rajya Sabha, we were copying them because of our mental slavery . Cant we abolish Rajya Sabha through a constitutional amendment, if it is becoming obstacle in the progress of we Indians ? Those politicians ,who are unpopular or can”t face Voters ire , get a back door entry to government through RAJYA SABHA. For e.g. one former Prime Miniser ruled India for Ten Years without getting elected to LOK SABHA or winning general elections, even once! Hewas known to possess residential property at Chandigarh, normally resided at New Delhi but in RAJYA SABHA represented some north east state. Domicile Clause was made a mockery. The cost of running Parliament,when in session, is 2.5 lacs per minute or 1.50 Crore Rupees per hour,as told by Parliamentry Minister of UPA Govt. in 2012 . And you know in this precious time what some of RAJYA SABHA Members discuss? ” Bodies of black complexion ladies are more beautiful than whites!” During Debate on Insurance Bill ! Another time whole day was lost because one delhi police officer visited a Political leader to seek certain information required for his security. Even some of Lok Sabha members are no better but they can be reformed, can be made to amend as they are directly elected by general public on members of Rajya Sabha general public has no control, as they are elected indirectly. By not allowing Rajya Sabha to work, Peoples popular mandate has been put to captivity. As against unprecedent mandate to Modi Government, Majority of those discarded by popular mandate have made RAJYA SABHA itself,Out of context and irrelevant. Abolish RS by constitutional amendment,just as in many Indian states Legislative Councils were abolished and only Legislative Assemblies ( VIDHAN SABHA ) were retained.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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